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Cannon Dog Training article on Body Language in Dogs by Tania Lanfer.

Body language in dogs

Learning to observe and interpret dog body language is the one thing that will make the communication between you and your dog going. Dogs speak all the time through their body and as dog guardians, it is our responsibility to learn this language.

Below you will find a few videos from different trainers around the world about observing body language for various situations. Also a few charts with drawings, and a suggested Facebook group specialized in having people observe and describe details of what they are seeing before actually interpreting anything. Spend some time in that group and soon you will start having an eye for those small details in dog body language that tell us so much about how dogs are feeling!

Videos on body language

Body language to say yes or no to petting

Body language of play

Dog Drawings

Drawings made by Lili Chin. You can find them at