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Cannon Dog Training offers dog training services in Oakland, Piedmont, Montclair, Emeryville, Temescal, Dimond, North Oakland, Alameda, and South Berkeley. Services include private training for dog obedience, puppy socialization, biting, potty training, reactivity, handling, resource guarding, jumping, pulling on leash, recall, crate training, training children and dogs, training your dog for a new baby, among other issues. Cannon Dog Training also offers dog training classes, online training, and separation anxiety training.


Cannon Dog Training is a Bay Area based small business that offers private dog training in Berkeley, Oakland, Piedmont, Montclair, Emeryville, Temescal, Dimond, North Oakland, and Alameda. Online dog training services are also available. 

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Tania Lanfer is an animal trainer who loves to geek out about the science of animal learning and dog behavior! She enjoys discovering the reasons behind why dogs do what they do, and is dedicated to helping people and dogs understand each other better. She has worked with numerous dogs over the years, including shelter dogs and competing sport dogs.


Why choose Cannon Dog Training?

  • Our methods are based on behavioral science.

  • We use reward-based methods; we do not use fear, pain, or intimidation to deal with behavioral problems.

  • We value training that is fun and believe that it should be rewarding for both handler and dog!

  • We’re experienced with common behavior issues like leash reactivity, resource guarding, impulse control, fearful and shy dogs, dogs with handling sensitivities, separation anxiety, among others.

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What Clients Are Saying

Tania is an outstanding dog trainer... she is a keen observer of behavior / personality and adapts her approach to be sensitive to the needs of each dog.
— Rick M.

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