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Dog training services include private training for dog manners, puppy training and socialization, dog or puppy biting, potty training, aggression, reactivity, toy guarding, jumping-up, loose-leash walking, learning how to come, kennel training, training dog how to live with children or a new baby. Cannon Dog Training also offers dog training classes, online training, and separation anxiety training in Oakland, Piedmont, Montclair, Emeryville, Temescal, Dimond, North Oakland, Alameda, and South Berkeley.

We Can Help You and Your Dog With

Best puppy trainer in Oakland, Piedmont, Montclair, Dimond District for house training, potty training, socialization, biting puppy.

Puppy Training

  • potty/house training

  • puppy manners

  • socialization

  • bite inhibition

  • nipping/mouthing

  • problem prevention

Basic obedience dog trainer in Oakland, Piedmont, Montclair, Emeryville, Temescal to train sit, down, stay and loose leash walking.

Manners and Obedience

  • sit, stand, down

  • stay

  • wait at doors

  • recall

  • loose leash walking

  • jumping

  • tricks

  • games

  • crate training

Best dog behaviorist, dog behavior consultation trainer in Oakland, Piedmont, Montclair for barking lunging dog, dog biting people, fearful dog, resource guarding, anxiety.

Behavior Problems

  • barking/lunging at other dogs

  • barking/lunging at people

  • fear of strangers entering the house

  • handling sensitivities

  • food guarding

  • toy guarding

  • shyness/anxiety/fears

We Offer

Dog behavior training consultation in Oakland, Piedmont, Claremont, Temescal, Emeryville.

Initial Consult

(90 minutes) $180

Start Here! All new clients are required to begin with an initial behavior consultation. We will discuss your training goals and create a personalized training plan. Once I get a sense of your training needs, I will advise on a training package. If you have any questions pre-booking, please contact us here

Private dog training, session packages, and gift certificates for Oakland, Piedmont, Montclair.

Private Training

(60 minutes) $130

*New clients: please start with the initial consultation above.

Often, behavior problems arise when a dog is under-stimulated, bored, scared, excited, or for a number of other reasons.

  1. I will begin our training with foundation level skills and obedience in your home.

  2. When your dog is ready, I will take them around town and practice in different environments and scenarios.

  3. As I get to know your dog well, I will evaluate their exercise needs, mental stimulation requirements, and provide you with various recommendations about their daily routine.

After you have done your initial consultation, you can book individual sessions or get a discounted rate when you purchase multiple-session packages. 

Package Options:

*New clients: please start with the initial consultation above.

  • 3 sessions: $350

  • 6 sessions: $700

  • 10 sessions : $1150

Gift Certificate

  • Did your friend just get a puppy or adopted a new dog young or old? What a cool thing to offer them a “Get ready with your new dog gift!”


Tutor Weekly Subscription

Have me see your dog 2 or 3 times per week for a special rate! Your dog will be “my dog” and I will teach her all the things I think are relevant! This is a special and exclusive program designated for owners who would like to have a top notch care for their pups. I will take them to different places, teach basic manners, dog sports, socialize them, do nail maintenance, and enrich their lives. Basically, I will be their tutor, their long term friend and handler. We are going to be in close contact about their needs and meeting from time to time to transfer what we learned with you!

Subscription: automatic weekly payments as a long-term client

  • Private 2x/week: $220/week

  • Private 3x/week: $300/week

Nose Work Scent Work

Nose Work Classes

6 weeks (meets weekly): $200

Get your dog started on this amazing sport called Nose Work! Your dog will learn to find specific scents in fun places as you work together as a true detective team! It is great for all kinds of dogs: shy, energetic, couch potatoes, senior dogs, puppies, all are welcome, and no previous experience necessary! 

We also offer privates for teams that already started on odor (birch, anise, clove) 

Online dog training sessions using video, skype, zoom, phone, for home schooling your dog.

Online lessons: Skype or video lessons

(60 minutes) Required Consultation: $80

(30 minutes) Subsequent Sessions: $40

 This training option works well for people who have busy schedules, or for people who prefer to work with their dogs at home. How does this program work?

  • We will meet online for 1 hour to discuss what behavioral issues you want to work on with your dog.

  • Following our conversation, I will send you a written training booklet, a specialized training plan, and video examples on how to teach your dog select behaviors.

  • We will have regular online video sessions so I can coach you through the steps. If you prefer not to do "live" sessions, you have the option to submit 5-minute videos for review and suggestions.

Separation anxiety training if your dog is anxious when left alone, destroying furniture, barking when alone, or labelled as dominant. We meet online and use video chat via skype, zoom, google hangouts, facetime.

Separation Anxiety

Is your dog panicking when you leave her alone? Are your neighbors beginning to complain about incessant barking? Is your dog destroying your house? Separation Anxiety is a heartbreaking condition, and it can be difficult to navigate. I am a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) and I can help!

Why hire a CSAT trainer? Learn more here:

How does the process work?

  1. Fill out our questionnaire

  2. Follow-up 20 minute phone conversation to discuss the process in more depth

  3. Gather all the supplies necessary, including a doggy camera

  4. Schedule 4 online video sessions with me at your convenience

  5. Receive daily emails with homework and feedback on your progress

Why is this training via online video chat? Training for separation anxiety requires that we teach your dog how to be confident when they spend time alone at home. We will be observing them together, via live video chat, so they can practice being truly alone. Virtual training like this will give us a clear picture of what is going on when you leave the house, without any interference of your dog’s routine. We will talk more about this process during our phone conversation. It’s more simple than you might think!