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Tutor Weekly Subscription

Dog Training Weekly Subscription Plan


Tutor Weekly Subscription


Have me see your dog 2 or 3 times per week for a special rate! Your dog will be “my dog” and I will teach her all the things I think are relevant! This is a special and exclusive program designated for owners who would like to have a top notch care for their pups. I will take them to different places, teach basic manners, dog sports, socialize them, do nail maintenance, and enrich their lives. Basically, I will be their tutor, their long term friend and handler. We are going to be in close contact about their needs and meeting from time to time to transfer what we learned with you!


Peace of mind

Free yourself from the guilt of not having your dog’s needs met. With this program I will be providing plenty of mental and physical stimulation and enrichment for your dog.



Your dog is going to train. A LOT. I am a trainer, my passion relies on changing behavior and teaching new skills. Your dog will learn some pretty fancy new things.



Whether you have a puppy or a grown up dog, the handling consistency is maintained and new behaviors have time to consolidate and generalize to a lot of different scenarios. We would like your dog’s training to be robust and this program offers that!